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  1. Some used cars, they lose value as soon as they leave the lot. New York used car dealers want money down, so if they have to repo the car they still get their money back, right? My credit is on the rebound and I’ve been current on everything for 2 years now. People have to stop buying things they cannot afford, right? I had credit card debt, but it’s gone, don’t yet have a used car loan. Do I need to get my own used car financing? You are on Jerome Avenue, I can take the Kingsbridge MTA subway. If you are saving me money and I have 30% down to put on the car, is it a lot easier about financing the balance of my used car loan in Bronx? Because I’ve saved money up and have assets to finance a car. Do I pay a higher interest rate to cover the gamble before when my credit for used car financing not so good? It is not the old days where they’ll take risks on people with used car financing, is it. Do I have to negotiate prices on your used cars? I just answered someone who got a used Toyota Prius in Yonkers. Used car or truck instead at an inflated price not my goal here. Started saving 25% of my income, find an inexpensive car first that I can buy for cash and not need collision insurance, and with lower expenses, save enough until I now can afford the car. If you really want sell your used cars to me, I go there and find out, but I study NY used car trends and walk in very knowledgeable. I need a used car in the Bronx, I am Flavio.

  2. I love Bedford Park motors! They have not only super clean used cars for sale at their NY used car dealership, but Bedford Park Motors also got me used car financing, and that was good news! Thanks!

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