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Autotech Nissan
622 West 57th Street,
New York, NY
10019, USA


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  1. Buying a used car at Yonkers Automall or Brooklyn Mitsubishi, would I probably need a co-sigsner with good credit or several thousand down? or more to be financed with some used car lender, right? Used to be in Hells Kitchen Autotech Nissan a buy here pay here used car dealership might let me drive away, with $800-1500 down but maybe buy here, pay here are a total ripoff and should be avoided. I was told last year when my credit was not so good, lenders generally like to see 2+ years on the job, income over $1500 a month and 2+ years at home and not much other debt. Used car salesman told me to open an account at a credit union and ask to borrow $2500-3000. A secured loan. I left my money on deposit and paid it off monthly with 24 months. When I finish, my credit now is much improved and I have $2500-3000 in cash which should be enough to get a car loan. I need to arrange ride as I have no car or truck, Is Yonkers Automall, a Westchester NY used car dealership a place which can help me?

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